LA SPEZIA - knotted white macrame top


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LA SPEZIA - knotted white macrame top
This limited macrame halterneck summer top is handcrafted from recycled soft and delicate snow white cotton yarns. Its long tassels dance with you in the air when you move. Wear in more glamorous affairs with some of your favourite elegant boho clothes, or turn heads at the beach parties wearing only a bikini bottom or a pair of fitting shorts or leggings with this beautiful extraordinary macrame top.

The white summer macrame top is ornamented with unique macrame patterns and it flatters a fuller bust, but suits any body type as it is very multifunctional, and looks different on every body. You can find your way of wearing it by adjusting the two strings in the back and one behind your neck. The straps are finished with style and they fit to the style of the macrame top. You can hand wash your macrame piece.

More information how to look after and maintain you top here.

Size M
Bust width: 43 cm
Bust length: 21 cm
Bust around up to: 89 cm
Length: 79 cm


100 % recycled cotton
Colour: White
Material: 100% recycled cotton
Size: Bust around up to 89 cm, Bust length 21 cm, Bust width 43 cm, Length 79 cm

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BOSSANO - macramé goddess top
This handmade womens macramé goddess top is exceptionally beautiful and a perfect fit to any bohemian hippie style or even a bridal occasion. It is a special and flowy halter neck top that shows just enough of skin to give you a cute but sexy young look. It is an outstanding festival outfit, made for dancing and moving as it has long swaying tassels in the front that makes the dress fall down gracefully. Wear it on the beach on your bikini or as a chic accessory on a tunic, under your favourite kimono, or with a pair of harem pants! It truly is a grateful and multifunctional piece of clothing that every girl should have. Well, it might not serve at a yoga class as its loose fringe would fall on your face half of the time! :)This special goddess top is not a standard 'decor piece', but unique and one of a kind cover magazine design. It is made from recycled soft and luxurious off white cotton yarns that feel appealing and organic on the skin. It differentiates from any knit or crochet lace design with its outstanding work to detail.To wear the macrame top tie one knot behind your back and one behind your neck. The straps are finished with stylish tassels made from the waste products of cutting the macrame fringe.The macrame top is washable despite its delicate image. Treat cautiously for it to stay in a good condition, and take care of your art piece to guarantee longevity.See and browse the rest of the collection on this page right here, and make your order through an easy order process. You can google other designs for example on pinterest, and if you do get inspired and wish for a custom made piece, please contact me at inf[email protected] or via contact form. All ideas are welcome! I know I would be happy to fulfil your dream outfit. Nothing is black and white! ;)The white colour allows you to dye the piece for example with some floral, natural and organic dyes to match your other hippie dresses or blouse shirts that you might wear underneath the top. That is a perfects diy mission right there! Explore videos on YouTube for the maximum benefit.Follow TAIKA latest news and updates on Facebook or Instagram.MeasurementsSize MBust width: 33 cmBust length: 24 cmBust around up to: 127 cmLength: 53 cmColourOff whiteMaterial100 % recycled cotton

Content: 1 piece


POETTO - macrame goddess dress
Exceptional macrame goddess dress with long fringe and beautifully detailed macrame patterns. The shape of the macrame top flatters any figure by bringing the focus on the décolletage because of its beautifully garnished details that work as an eye-catcher. The boho dress is perfect for the gorgeous goddess look at festivals, parties, or even weddings! The top is utterly combinatorial so feel free to try out the wildest combos that you can imagine!This dazzling goddess dress is easy to wear too; it is a halterneck style top that can be tied from behind your neck and your back with simple knots or bows. The straps are finished with style and are appealing to the eye. For cleaning and maintaining your top read more here.The top is produced from 100 % recycled white cotton ropes that are immensely soft and pleasant on the skin. It is handcrafted consciously and sustainably in respect of nature following zero waste guidelines.MeasurementsSize MBust width: 43 cmBust length: 28 cmBust around up to: 96 cmLength: 91 cmColourWhiteMaterial100 % recycled cotton

Content: 1 piece


CALA LUNA - fringed macrame top
Exclusive personal macramé top with cosmetic ornamental details and a long fringe in the front. This tassel dress is combining arts, design and comfort, and it brings the summer holiday wear to the next level! Wear the handmade dress on the top of a bikini with a sheer sleeveless cape, giant earrings & golden bracelets, and other funky accessories. or impress at an alternative boho wedding. This goes also well as a bohemian festival outfit at the famous Burning Man robot heart rave or at Coachella festival in Canada for example!Allow the fringe to sway in the wind when you dance with it! This one of a kind clothing separates you from the masses and is definitely a different thing than wearing a regular tank top or a t-shirt. The straps are finished with beautiful patterns giving the top a nice edgy twist. They are made from the cut fringe string following 'the zero waste' mentality.All the tops are handmade by 100 % recycled cotton fiber yarn that are ultimately soft like silk and enjoyable on the skin. The tops have been made in one go which means no sewing has been applied in the making. All the TAIKA products are ecological and sustainable, and there has been no chemicals used during the processing of the cotton yarns. Your macrame product is also washable, but in case there is no visible dirt, just air it out to save water.Requests for personalized preferences and custom made client orders are possible. Let us know which features you would like to add and let's figure out together about the services, price and color. Also; if you are not a big fan of the long swaying fringe you can crop it as you like by cutting the excess length off and make it a cropped version that shows your belly.At online shop you will find lots of more options for other macramè crafts such as necklaces, veils, and earrings and other designs in other colors and sizes. Some mixed with feathers and crystals too.  Browse here to complete your boho vintage style set with an item that matches your style. and for inspiration TAIKA designs are unique handmade pieces, not just any intermediate stuff like big corporates such as Walmart etc sell. ;)Subscribe TAIKA on YouTube! Join the sustainable movement!MeasurementsSize SBust width: 37 cmBust length: 21 cmBust around up to: 128 cmLength: 93 cmColourOff whiteMaterial100 % recycled cotton

Content: 1 piece


OMEDEO - bohemian long macrame necklace
A bohemian style long macrame necklace is handmade from 100 % recycled light mint green cotton yarns. The necklace is definitely not simple, but is detailed with exquisite tribal style patterns and it has a little heart shaped detail in the front and a long swaying fringe to play and dance with. The recycled cotton rope feels extremely soft and delicate on the skin.This tribal style macrame jewellery is multifunctional and finishes any bohemian style. It is easy to use and combine as you can wear it even on top of a summer t-shirt to spice it up! For a chic boho beach look wear the macrame piece with your favourite festival outfit or a bikini top. For more  sensual style wear it on a bare skin with your most daring lingerie. This unique necklace is a statement in itself.The necklace has two braided straps that are uniquely decorated to finish up the design, and they can be tied behind your neck with a simple knot or a bow.The material has been collected and processed without any preservatives and no dyes or water has been used during the manufacturing process. Despite its delicate appearance you can wash your product.For a personalized and unique custom made gift idea contact me at [email protected] or via contact form.MeasurementsWidth: 33 cmLength: 89 cmColourMint greenMaterial100 % recycled cotton

Content: 1 piece


EL PAREDON - warrior choker macrame necklace
Unique macrame warrior choker macrame necklace.  Release your inner warrior and create a dauntless festival look by blending this festival necklace to matching clothes and other accessories. Dress to impress or brighten up your everyday favourite outfit with this exclusive centre piece, complimented with a special tribal pattern and beautifully garnished straps that you can tie easily behind your neck with a simple double knot or a bow.The macrame piece is handcrafted from recycled cotton yarns and is super soft and light to wear. Read more about how to take care and maintain your macrame art piece here.MeasurementsWidth: 21 cmLength: 42 cmColourOff whiteMaterial100% recycled cotton

Content: 1 piece


BAUNEI - macramé choker necklace
Stylish and delicate macramé choker necklace for a boho summer style. This unique tribal style jewelry works as an interesting centrepiece or a trendy collar. It is made out of knots, and decorated with exquisite pattern. It is made by hand from recycled delicate cotton cord that feels soft on the skin. There is multiple variations to play with this extraordinary macramé choker. For a sensual celebration wear on a bare skin (free the nipple!) or accompany your sassiest lingerie or beachwear. You can also include this craft as an addition to a casual look with a pair of jeans and a jersey shirt! With this dauntless necklace you can recreate any bohemian style on point! Even wear it at a wedding! Test the endless possibilities to create your charm! Flatters any figure. This unique piece is easily adjustable and multi function.Closing the piece works by making a simple loop knot behind your neck from the ends of the finely decorated straps. Every knot has been knotted with love and an intention using only sustainable and natural materials. There is no need to wash your new wearable art piece but if you need to you can find the access to the step by step instructions of how to take care of your macramé jewelry from here.You can buy more handmade wearable art and other woven products in different colours online from here or on etsy shop. Necklaces are a perfect gift idea for any occasion! You can find a diy tutorial on youtube for making your own macrame piece. But if you feel like it is too much of an effort; I am happy to help! ;) Reach out for personalized and flexible custom made beaded designs with a healing crystal or any gemstone of your choice (I love a feminine Moonstone and a Tiger eye) as a pendant, glass, pearl, brass, silver, bead or any other beads, ads, different colors or features that your soul might desire.  You find me at [email protected] or by filling out a contact form on this site.Find similar items from the same brand here.  MeasurementsWidth: 16 cmLength: 43 cmColorOff whiteMaterials100 % recycled cotton

Content: 1 piece